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Paintless Dent FAQ'S                                              
  • What is Paint-less dent removal?
  • Paint-less dent removal is just that, a method to remove dents without using paint. It is an art.
    Special tools are used to enter into the doors and panels from the door jam for example
    (out of sight) where a small hole is drilled and professional caps installed once the repair is completed for a clean from the "dealer" look.  
    With Paint-less Dent Removal we treat your dents with the utmost of care.  Do Not confuse this with spot welding and pulling of dents.  There is No bodywork or painting done (hand paint touchups only at best).  Suction cups are also not typically used in this method. The dents are pushed out from the inside restoring the original beauty of the panel. 
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    We are highly skilled in the characteristics of different metals and have extensive knowledge on how to return dented metal into place, wherever it is possible. 
    In Paint-less Dent Removal, dents are manipulated carefully from the inside, using special rods to bring the panel back to its original configuration (or as close as possible to it).  Often there is virtually no indication of it's previous prescence.
    Sometimes there is some indication of a dent, but it often requires a certain angle to get an indication that a dent even existed there.  No plungers, electromagnets or other gadgets are associated with this type of work.
  • Can my car be damaged by Paint-Less dent removal?
  • No, not by properly trained dent technicians. We can enter nearly any panel, and access a dent to remove it. In some cases it is difficult or impossible to remove a dent that is behind a brace,
    or in an inaccessible area.  In extreme cases, it is only possible to do a partial repair. It should be
    mentioned that beginners can damage a vehicle due to their
    inexperience with paint-less dent repair.  We at Dr. Dent are skilled in dent repair with
    years of experience in the business.
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    Serving West Palm Beach, Lantana,
    Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Boca Raton, Deerfield Beach,
    Pompano Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Wellington,
    Lighthouse Point, Highland Beach, Lake Worth,
    Palm Beach Gardens,   Ocean Ridge, Hypoluxo,
    Palm Beach and Broward 
  • Can I benefit from Paint-less dent repair?
  • Of course, and most people see great value in removing the dents from their vehicles, since it increases the re-sale value and appeal to perspective buyers.  Sometimes a leased vehicle needs to be returned to the dealer.  Big savings are often acheivable upon return of the vehicle if it is in good condition without dents, and with a proper detail.  In either case, once one sees a dent in a car, or a dirty interior, it dramatically diminishes the value of a vehicle.
  • How long does the repair take?
  • Often the repair takes less than an hour, or up to a few hours.  So you can take your vehicle shortly thereafter, usually on the same day.  Most car dealers see the value in removing the dents, and also in "detailing" (cleaning to the highest degree) to achieve the utmost value from the client interested in the purchase.  Those who cannot see the value in such a process suffer the losses associated with a lower percieved car value, and hence receive a lower price or offer from the client.
  • What are the advantages of Paint-less dent repair?
  • There is no time lost to the body shop.  Owners get their car back fast,
    about 1/4 or less the amount of time it would take in the body shop
     ie: hours instead of days.  This is of significant value for those
    of you who need their car, and don't want to lose several days in
    the body shop.  The cost to repair with Paint-less dent removal is usually about
    1/4 to 1/2 the price of what the body shop would charge.  You avoid the down
    time in the shop without your vehicle as well.  This is a big plus, and comes with a big
    cash savings. No problems associated with new paint arises since no paint is used.
    Fast, effective, saves time, saves money....we have "The Cure for Your Car"  561-880-7123
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  • What are the disadvantages of Paint-less dent repair (PDR) and Detailing?
  • The only danger is if you choose someone who is not established. We
    are highly trained and well established.  Damage can be
    caused by those who are not trained or skilled in Paint-less dent repair  simply
    due to the sensitive nature of the different manufacturers metals.  Training
    normally ranges in the many thousands of dollars for full training.  The high price
    causes some folks to attempt it on their own.
    Private Auto Detailing
    Dr. Dent knows and understands that using the finest quality
    products and dressings produces long lasting effects that are noticeable and worth the expense. Using good quality products on your car is critical in south florida. The sun's UV rays can degrade the paint quickly causing expensive damage.
    We use the products that protect your car properly.  This produces happy clients who see the difference quality makes , and hence, they come back for more proper care in the future. 
    The client sees and feels a difference
    for a much longer duration as well. 
    The modest additional expense we incur
    for good products is worth your while, because we know you'll tell your friends about us once you see the difference Dr. Dent makes!
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    We use "Clean Cloths" only on your car.  We actually clean first, then make it shiny.  We don't just smear the dirt with shiny topcoats like lesser detailers do..as this will leave you with dirt and microbes or viruses from other folks' grime smeared microscopically all over your car seats, dash, and steering wheel.  That exposure can only be avoided by calling Dr. Dent.  We're the right choice for a "true clean". 
    Since we plan to be here for a long time to come, it is of significant value to
    Dr. Dent to keep you happy with products that last, and allow you to
    enjoy a clean shiny vehicle for much longer than usual.
    Compare and you'll see...
  • Does Paint-less Dent repair & a proper Detailing benefit my car?
  • Most people instinctively understand that a clean, dent-free vehicle is worth
    much more than others that are damaged and dirty.  One cannot overlook the
    visual damage caused by dents.  They draw ones eye directly to the spot
    where the damage has occurred, which causes the onlooker to ignore all the
    beauty of the rest of your vehicle. 
    Checking the Blue book and several other automotive evaluation books will
    immediately tell you that since your car is in good shape ie: clean and dent
    free, you will be able to recuperate hundreds, if not thousands of dollars
    more in value.  So why not have it done for a few hundred and reap the multiple
    hundreds or thousands of dolllars associated with a clean or like new looking vehicle?
    ...It just makes sense. 
    Fast, effective, saves time, saves money....we have "The Cure for Your Car"  561-880-7123
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  • Can I afford all the Paint-less Dent removal, and all of the Detailing?
  • The real question is whether you can afford not to do some proper detailing and
    a dent removal?  Dealers know the huge value in this.  Despite what one's inner
    feelings on the matter might be, the truth is that you will save a great deal more by
    spending a few on your car to make it more presentable, and you'll feel
    great about yourself and about your car as well! 
    Facts show that undamaged vehicles sell for hundreds more than those with
    damage.  There is no question about this fact,...and if you are in doubt,
    you can simply ask yourself if a damaged vehicle is worth more in your
    eyes than an undamaged "new looking" vehicle.  We both know that one will never see
    much value in a damaged vehicle.  So the natural choice is to choose the vehicle
    with the least amount of damage. 
    We still want to pay the least amount
    possible naturally, but in the end, if we wish to sell our car at some point
    afterwards, we'll recoup hundreds, if not thousands more in our pockets, as the
    result of a car looking good inside and out.  This is how dealers make
    their money, and so can you.
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  • How can I avoid spending money for no reason?
  • It is rare if not never that one will spend money on a Paint-less dent removal 
    & Detailing and not gain financially from it.  Most folks realize immediately
    afterwards that their car has a much higher percieved value once the
    dents are removed, and once the interior/exterior has been cleaned and
    restored. Dealers make thousands of dollars more as a result cars being looked after
    ...just think of the last new looking vehicle you saw...didn't it make you think wow!...
    And even if you retain your vehicle, by maintaining it in clean condition,
    you will retain the value that would otherwise be lost.
    The feeling that one gets from a well kept vehicle is also worth it's weight in gold.
    It's an obvious rush that all proud owners
    experience at one time or another.  It gives you a feeling of confidence and prestige
    that others notice
    This well kept look is of intrinsic value as well, and it is the heart of a
    vehicle's potential, and that which is sought after by other vehicle enthusiasts.
    Imagine yourself in a new looking, clean vehicle. It's likely that just a little care
    will make your car this new again too...and there's no better feeling than that when you're
    driving.  Don't miss the value in maintaining your car clean and dent-free.
    It's Fast, effective, saves time, saves money....we have "The Cure for Your Car"  561-880-7123
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  • How can I maintain the value of my vehicle?
  • By keeping your vehicle dent free, and by keeping the interior clean and
    the exterior paint protected (very important in Florida) you can maintain
    the highest value of your vehicle.  Once a dent removal regimen has been
    accomplished, and a detailing performed, it is very inexpensive to
    maintain the condition of the vehicle.  Simply return the car to Dr. Dent
    for regular interior upkeep and an exterior premium wax, and we'll give you
    our returning client discount just to say thank you. A regular exterior waxing every three
    months and you'll benefit from the look and feel of a well kept vehicle. The paint will then be
    protected from the harsh Florida sun, airborne contaminants, bird droppings, and hard water marks.
    In this way your car will retain it's great appearance and resale value for potential buyers.
    561 880-7123
  • What can I fix on my vehicle?
  • Dr. Dent offers three main services which are Dent Removal (Paint-less ie: requiring no paint), as well as Detailing for cars and trucks, and several things such as lens clearing, mag cleaning, brake dust removal, scratch removal, etc. etc.

    Dr. Dent comes right to you if needed.  A handy service that many folks really need. 

    Fast, effective, saves time, saves money....we have "The Cure for Your Car"  561-880-7123
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