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Motorcycle Dent Removal
Got a dent or ding in your steel horse? Call in the Dr..

Dr. Dent has got a few motorcycle tanks under his belt.  Though Harleys are the toughest steel, it might be worth the call to see if we can fix it for you. Most jobs are 175 - two hundred bucks. This could save you a pretty penny if like most others, you're thinking "repaint".... They don't always come out absolutely perfect, but usually "close enough, thanks a lot Doc" is the usual response.  Perfection can be limited on some tanks since the steel is hardened causing most, if not all other dent guys to decline the challenge. 
They went through 4 or 5 others before they called Dr. Dent who knocked out this nasty one on the left (center) to acceptable status despite the knarly metal. 

Dr. Dent
561 -880 -7123

Some bikes are tougher than others, and the ones with the hardened steel tanks are often brutal to repair.  Most if not nearly all paintless dent guys won't even touch the hardened steel tanks.  Dr. Dent will do his best to help you in these situations where it's often try...or repaint.  But getting someone to even try can be somewhat of a tall order.  We were called in recently to do a brand new Harley custom painted tank.  Jeff the owner was real upset about the whole matter.  But by the time Dr. Dent left, there was one happy fella smiling at him.  The whole reason is that he knew there was little hope, but suddenly found that what would've been a $650. repaint was now going to cost less than two hundred, making a tidy sum of about $300+ stay in his pocket with the results being well within the realm of acceptability...The result was a big smile, big handshake, and one happy customer who left a handsome tip for the extra effort witnessed during the Dr. Dent dent removal job...
So if you've got no place to turn, and want to do the best you can for your steel beast, then Dr. Dent might have the solution that's right for you. 
Call us to see what/if we can do something for you.
Best regards,
Ride easy,
Dr. Dent
Dr. Dent
561 -880 -7123
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