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Dr. Dent Newsletter - Blog
As you know Dr. Dent (Robert) has created this new site for all of our returning clients and for those of you who are interested in paintless dent removal.  I welcome you all to our site. Thanks for coming!
Important Update:  Dr. Dent has begun Hail Damage repairs. This provides you with a fast, less expensive alternative to the body shop ie: repaint option. Have a car hit by the recent hail storms in Florida?  We can help. . .Call to find out more at 561-880-7123 or  click here. . .
Also, While trying to find our web page you might have noticed that Dr. Dent is located at www.drdents.com (click link to see homepage) which has an "s" in the address.  This is just what happens when you try to register and a another conglomerate has scooped your preferred address... But luckily enough, we came unbelievably close! So if you don't book mark this site, then just remember that when you return you'll have to add the "s" in www.DrDents.com. I like to think of it as what I do...ie: as a verb because I  "Dr." the "Dents"     : )
You'll also notice that there is no period after "dr" in the address, but that's typical of web addresses for the most part.
One of the great things about Dr. Dent is that we are not a franchise.  Therefore you'll get consistent service each time you call, and not the latest dude who came from out of town ie: you know that experience.
With Dr. Dent you get someone who knows what they're doing, and someone who has the 30yrs of know-how with metal to get the job done in the best possible fashion.  Don't be fooled by the cheapos, cause you can't fix it once a bad repair is done...as many people so often find out...you get what you pay for, and in the end you get more value for your money when you really look at it with Dr. Dent.  A better job, great service, and a smile of appreciation for your call...
To go to the home page click here....www.drdents.com
The new Dr. Dent cards that will soon be coming out will have all this info on them, so you'll be able to just glance at the card as well.  Hooray! ..new cards! (Big deal huh?)...Well ok.. maybe not,.. but we're happy about it...  : ) 


In other news, we will have new ads placed in the Yellow Book phone book this fall.... so you'll not only be able to find us there as a line item but a box ad as well.  You'll be able to search "Dr. Dent" in "Delray Beach, FL".  in all search engines online too.


You can also call: 561-880-7123, or go on-line at www.drdents.com , and we'll be available that way as well.


Bumper dent repair... Well, I'm doing a huge number of Bumper dents these days since people are catching on to my talent.  Much of the bumpers these days are very difficult to return to their original shape, and that requires "Know How"...Fortunately it's something that you can benefit from if you have a bumper dent.  The old rubber bumpers used to bounce back, but the new ones are much more difficult to get right.  So, with Dr. Dent, you too could have a new looking bumper if you get a deep dent in it, simply by calling Dr. Dent when it happens...but please, don't try to fix it yourself, once it's stretched back there will be little I can do.  So leave it to the pros and 

Call Dr. Dent: 561-880-7123.     


Serving West Palm Beach, Lantana,
Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Boca Raton, Deerfield Beach,
Pompano Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Wellington,
Lighthouse Point, Highland Beach, Lake Worth,
Palm Beach Gardens,   Ocean Ridge, Hypoluxo,
Palm Beach and Broward 


Highlights of Dr. Dent  Services

Well now that we've added our New service aside from Dent Removal, Bumper Dent repair and others
ie: Specialized Detailing, we're getting some very big smiles these days. Our detailing service has gone from being mobile to our recent location in Delray and now we have a mobile unit again for both services. The high end detailing is not mobile. But the regular detailing is mobile and you'll have your choice. You can drop by to meet Dr. Dent in Delray Beach if you call us in advance, just to be sure we're there and not out on a call of course. We wouldn't want to miss you!
Our new "Detailing" Service has been a real big hit! We are finding that more and more people are enthusiastic about the quality of the products we use.  Ask "Me" about the special new
waxes!...Something car owners long for.  In FL it's the ticket.  The "clean" and the "shine"  say it all!  And this is what everyone is looking for ...a Clean and Shiny car, inside and out.
If you come to Dr. Dent  we'll show you that even a new car can look better than original, over and above the simple new look that you already have in a newer car.
Todays best products are designed to make you have a better than new look.  This helps sell products to us, and in turn to you (our happy clients). You'll get to have that special look.  Our cars show our pride.
So check out our new "Detailing" service, and our Bumper Dent Removal service that everyone is talking about when you get your dents removed.
There really is a Huge Dr. Dent  Difference!....Really!  When the dents are gone your car suddenly takes on a whole "New" look...and when you do a detail after that, well, it's as good as it gets!
Fast, effective, saves time, saves you money....get  "The Cure for Your Car"  561-880-7123
Call Dr. Dent or click the link below to see...
The best way to keep your machine "dent free"  or "dentless" & looking good is to go to the
"Contact Us" page write us a note, and click submit.  This is just another way we are trying to help you keep up with the fast pace of today while also helping you retain your clean and sharp image.
And finally,  DENT CASH is HERE!!!  We are now offering DENT CASH as a prize at random to clients who use our services.  This is our way of saying thanks, and letting you WIN with Dr. Dent!
You can also get the local weather if you go to the Weather Update page by clicking the button up along the top bar next to this news page, and then you can get the 4 day forecast to be sure the job can be done and it's not raining.  Please do "Check in" for weather regularly, it's current and always up to date from the MSN team...and so you can see what's cooking on that page. See you soon! 
Fast, effective, saves time, saves money....we have
"The Cure for Your Car" 
Dr. Dent: 561 880-7123
Call or click the links below to...
Serving West Palm Beach, Lantana,
Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Boca Raton, Deerfield Beach,
Pompano Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Wellington,
Lighthouse Point, Highland Beach, Lake Worth,
Palm Beach Gardens, Ocean Ridge, Hypoluxo,
Palm Beach and Broward 

Learn more about Dent Removal - Click Here

Learn more about Detailing - Click Here

See you soon,
All the best,
Dr. Dent