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Auto Detailing
(561) 880 -7123
Serving West Palm Beach, Lantana, Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Boca Raton, Deerfield Beach, Pompano Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Wellington, Lighthouse Point, Highland Beach, Lake Worth, Palm Beach Gardens,   Ocean Ridge, Hypoluxo, Palm Beach and Broward 


High Quality/High End Detailing is now done at our place, and is particularly for those folks that want a superior and special job that is. . well. . .super clean, inside and out!  Don't mistake us for a car wash. . .We are serious detailers who give you the best quality products and results that money can buy.  We "time test" our products long before we give them a thumbs  up for your car.  Our job is to get all the things that make it look new restored!  So this is no regular detail in most cases, but we can do smaller details if only a partial is needed.  We "Clean and "Restore" is our way of saying what we do. . . When life has been put back into the materials like the rubbers, leathers, and plastics in your car, it breathes new life into your vehicle. . .and that spells bigger resale bucks for you !  


Getting this kind of shine (see below on the right >>) out of every kind of paint for example is Dr. Dents' goal...and we know how to do it.  We Clean first...Then we shine! That's part of the

Dr. Dent difference. It's our deep clean underneath the shine!  We use the high quality oils for your leather. We research our products and spend thousands every year to bring you the best of the best for your car.  We have an ongoing analysis of what's working to keep your car shiny and new, and most of all we know what prolongs the life of your car.  Want to look good? . . .call us. . .









Does your car require new paint?...You might think so but... Maybe not....Often there's much that we can do to make it gleam again for you without painting




 We can often revive the paint through a deep

penetrating restoration with special products that revive the paint, saving you hundreds, or even over $1000.-  or more just by using our process. 

So don't give up unless we find out together that

your paint is too old...like this one out in the field

(<< below left).


Often people are surprised by the paint restoration or revival work that we do.


                                 What a shine..that's what we like to hear...

It's often in the mind of car owners that their aging car must be sold, and a new one put in its place.  Or that a complete paint job is necessary.  That may be

true, but first consider the payments.  If you pay $149-$349 depending on your needs, for a total bumper to

bumper professional detail job from Dr. Dent,

  and your car comes out looking like a new one

(which it normally does), then you just got a new

car for the price of just one "new car" payment,

Think about it...unless your car has mechanical problems beyond help then you might consider detailing and removing the dents instead, and keep your hard earned cash in your pocket, and drive away in a renewed beauty.

You could keep your car for another year or more perhaps (since it's looking so good inside & out).


With the average car costing at least one to three thousand dollars a year to drive, (not to mention the down payment of thousands), and often more,

...then you just saved yourself a pile of cash just by calling Dr. Dent


Keep your cash, remove the dents, and make it new again...call


(561) 880 -7123

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Auto Detailing 
Now at Our Shop
By Appointment: 561-880-7123
Get a Proper Cleaning, & then a Shining at a Great Price...NEW Specials!
Your car is an extension of who you are..it's your image...so to keep you looking your best, we offer proper cleaning & "Detailing". We deep clean it first, and treat the stains...  We use clean cloths every time...so...We don't smear the last cars bacteria and grime all over yours.  Our focus is on "Clean" and then "Shiny"...Not just coating of dirty surfaces with shiny products like most car washes do.  We believe that in today's world, cleanliness is important, and it's needed.  So count on us for Clean, and avoid all the exposure by calling Dr. Dent!
Care for your car can include a deep cut polish to bring back the lustre of your paint, and a premium waxing to give you an unbelieveable Dr. Dent shine.  Why not protect it with the highest quality products  available, to create and retain that Dr. Dent shine. See the hood at right below here, it's an actual untouched photo with my reflection of my tshirt.                                                                                                                     
Call: 561-880-7123
 Get a Dr. Dent shine...it's true...there is a big difference.  You'll see...Call us for dent removal, and detailing at our Boca Shop.  What a combination.  Get it done as good as it can get. Our work speaks for itself.  We can often do dents and details that can't normally be done with acceptable results, and that would otherwise cost a pretty penny.
Dr. Dent gives your car a deep cleaning with clean & fresh soft cloths.  We power off the grime first, and then top coat with shine afterwards.  There is no transfer of harmful bacteria, virus or grime through use of old cloths like in many other detailing outfits...
Remember, We DON'T SHINE up THE GRIME...
That's the big difference. 
We don't spray the dirt with shiny liquids, or use old dirty cloths previously used on other cars as in production car washes
Our goal is zero exposure to other peoples grime, and 100% clean. Other detailers use old rags that can be contaminated from one car to the next which can cause microbes to end up smeared on your seats, dash, and steering wheel. They may also use substandard harsh or ineffective cleaners not meant for vehicles. 
Why risk it?...
Avoid these woes by calling Dr. Dent. 561-880-7123
Unlike many others...
Dr. Dent knows what clean means, and we really love a clean car...don't you?  Won't you feel better knowing it's actually clean?...Then call Dr. Dent and get it done right!...
We have "The Cure for Your Car"
Just dial: (561) 880-7123  in Palm beach and Broward for a clean car appointment.
Serving West Palm Beach, Lantana, Ocean Ridge, Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Boca Raton,
Deerfield Beach, Pompano Beach,
Palm Beach and Broward 
With "The Cure for Your Car".  Just imagine it...we take out the dents, clean the paint surface of contaminants that oxidize it, then polish it, then wax it with top notch heavy duty carnuba/teflon wax...then clean and detail it on the interior/exterior, and shine up the tires...Nice!  What are you waiting for...treat yourself so you can feel great again about your car and yourself. It's not even one single payment on a new car! It's worth it.
With an interior cleaning and dressing, we can make you look as clean & sharp as you could ever imagine.  We combine Paint-Less Dent Removal (taking dents out without painting) and Detailing (which is a combination of what you need or specify) & together it creates a "Brand New Look" on your car. 
A clean and sharp image is the best one to have. You'll get the respect you've been looking for from your peers...your car says it all.  Right when you thought there was no hope for your old paint, and/or dirty interior... Dr. Dent is there to make your car like new again at a price you can afford.  You'll feel Great about it.  It's the best investment you can make, and it brings back the resale value of your car. Just think about how a clean shiny car feels...just one quick visit, and it's the best thing in town. What a boost.
Call now for a clean and shiny car...dial: 561-880-7123 and ask for our "Dealer Package Special". 
Follow up a dent removal with a detail to make your car, and your image, spectacular..and save!... 
Click this link right below to see more dent pictures, or go to more detailing pictures. (Please check both links for pictures).

That's why we say that we've got "The Cure for Your Car".  So don't underestimate your car's

potential. Dr. Dent can correct the problem and save you money... Isn't that what a good Dr. should


We think so. So call to book and we'll clean and shine your car (inside and out). We'll dress up those

tires and you'll drive around, looking and feeling like you've just won the lottery!

You too can have a look as good as these cars do...

"The Cure for Your Car"



So Contact Us: 561-880-7123  Call us Now...


 Serving West Palm Beach, Lantana, Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Boca Raton, Deerfield Beach, Pompano Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Wellington, Lighthouse Point, Highland Beach, Lake Worth, Palm Beach Gardens,   Ocean Ridge, Hypoluxo, Palm Beach and Broward