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Recent Dents & Scratches
Recent Dents and Scratches Removed from Car Panels and Plastic Bumpers (More New latest pics to come...)
Metal Dent on Chrysler BeforeMetal Dent on Chrysler After
Plastic Bumper Dent on Toyota  BeforePlastic Bumper Dent on Toyota  After
Rule #1  Despite your feelings, pls don't try to move it yourself.  You'll end up with more problems with the new plastic and a bad repair that not only looks bad but is permanently damaged.  You
             can't fix it once it's been pushed out since the material stretches back both directions and typically can't then be fixed properly.
Note: Dr. Dent is highly skilled in removing bumper dents. We have the most success in restoring the plastic, and have the least amount of residual visible
         stretch on our repairs.  This is very sharp and an extremely damaged bumper.  As you can see, only mild shadows remain.  Un-skilled
         repair persons who do it for less will cost you much more in quality.  Stretches in paint can ruin the look if it is not done properly.
         Dr. Dent makes it look as good as it possibly can...no bumps about it!
Jaguar Metal Dent Removal BeforeJaguar Metal Dent Removal After with only Slight Imperfections


Extreme metal damage on a Jaguar...reduced to a minimum.


Much Better... Happy Jaguar owner.



 4 Runner Scratch  Before4 Runner Scratch After
 Scratches taken out of your clearcoat can make a big difference.  Dr. Dent (561-880-7123) has a few additional "Cures" for stubborn scratches. Though not all scratches
can be repaired as nicely as this one...On occaision they are right down to the metal, and will still show regardless of ones efforts.  But in many
cases we can make things look so much better than what you came in with...so ask us how we can help.
Land Rover Dent BeforeLand Rover Dent After


This calmed the owner right down...

Maserati_Before 1Maserati After_ 2
Cadillac Dents & Scratches Removed as far as PossibleCadillac Dents and Scratches After

 Note: The dent is repaired, but the skin of the door stretched over a motor inside the door altering the silver paint in one spot which cannot 

be fixed.  However, all that could be fixed is complete and made the owner very happy at a greatly reduced price than the shops would do it for!

 This nice SUV had a good one on the back above the tail light...and now it's gone!  Call Dr. Dent: (561) 880 -7123
SUV Back BeforeSUV Back After
Bumper BeforeBumper After Dr. Dent

Big Sharp Dent in the Bumper 

Big Sharp Dent Gone, pretty close to perfect

Bumper Dent BeforeBumper Dent After
    Difficult nasty dent here, but a Great Result on this Lexus 570 SUV. Very happy customer who said she saved $1200 apparently by calling Dr. Dent.
    A perfect Job on the SSR!
SSR Before 1SSR After 1SSR After  2SSR After  3SSR After  Dr. Dent
 Another perfect metal job in a very difficult place below n to the rear of the gas cap in SSR Before 1....  It's a great feeling to have this kind of success!
 Before the dent was repaired...After Dr. Dent

A bad hit on the rear corner...

A very good result for this bad corner dent...Dr. Dent knows bumpers.

 Before_Rear 1/4 panel

Before_2After Dr. Dent
This was one of the latest VERY HAPPY customers who found me on "Angie's List".  We're glad that we had "The Cure" for her car...
BeforeBefore_1aAfter_1After_Dr. Dent
 Honda Plastic Bumper  Before Dr. DentHonda Plastic Bumper  After Dr. Dent 



 Wow! This was a very bad dent, and a good one to remind us what can happen when someone who "knows the bumper material" performs a repair.
 Ford Plastic Bumper Before Dr. DentFord Later that day after Dr. Dent




Plastic Bumpers can be repaired properly with exactly the right technique only.  If this is done incorrectly it cannot be redone correctly, so choose your

repair person wisely...Choose Dr. Dent, and please don't try to remove it yourself. Some people

do and the result under the wrong conditions is permanent.  We have special tools with

proper settings that get you the best possible results.  Spare yourself the

grief and poor results from unskilled laborers...


We do hundreds of these.  This bumper was extremely damaged and we were able to save the better part of it to make the customer happy.  Our results are of the highest caliber.

Our work speaks for itself...

Your best choice should be to call Dr. Dent for

"The Cure for Your Car" . . .561-880-7123.

 Metal on Infinity Fender Panel  Before Dr. DentMetal on Infinity Fender Panel  After Dr. Dent



This Dent was a tough one along two body line edges.


Dr. Dent restored the shape and beauty of this new cars fender

saving the owner hundreds of dollars, and several days

that the shop would have held their car.

Why not give us a call and see what

Dr. Dent can do for you?....561-880-7123


Much Better! 

Toyota Bumper Dent Before Dr. DentToyota Bumper Dent After Dr. Dent
Bumper Dent Before Dr. DentBumper Dent After Dr. Dent