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Headlight & Molding Restoration

Now Available!...  Many newer cars are experiencing the effects of the Sun, Wind, and Acid Rain.....
Here's what we can do to fix Greying Black, or early dry rot in rubber moldings on doors, windows, etc.  here in Florida. . .We can fix it. . .or restore it if they aren't too bad yet.  One treatment lasts 4-6mths!!!. . . . and it's cheap! . . .

Black Bumper


Faded Before

During Renewal 






 Got this last one done just as the rain came in. . .that's FL for you, but what a difference in the appearance I think you'll agree ! . . .This was Not painted. . . The black can be returned or if you prefer, a whole repaint can also be done to restore the black more permanently. . . 


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