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Odor Elimination, Mold Elimination, Bad Smells of any kind removed 
Odors from Many things can be removed. Mold can cause serious health issues over time in cars if not dealt with



Black Mold 

   Our mission is to help rid all cars in the South Florida area of insidious Black Mold.  It can hide in your A/C system of your car or truck and blow into your breathing space every time you drive.  I became aware of this problem myself, in my own car. 
I realised that the smell was getting worse, as it had a slightly stuffy or musty odor that seemed persistent but would lessen as I ran the A/C. 
I felt my breathing was affected after I rode in the car for several short periods even with the A/C running.  After a while I went to an Automotive Tech Show and was made aware of a serious growing problem in cars in the South  and South Florida areas.  You'll know it when you get in your car and turn on the A/C. You'll get this burst of moist musty or slightly odor laden air. 
If you've noticed any musty odor in your car, you'd be wise to avoid it and call us.  It only requires that you leave the car with us in the evening only for one night, and you can pick it up the following morning with all mold and bacteria etc. killed, as well as all odors of just about any kind removed. 
Our system kills EVERYTHING that might be harmful to you that may be lurking in your cars air vents, carpets, door panels, cloth interior, or headliner.  I can personally attest to the effectiveness of this myself, and must say that it works great! 
It's the best value for your money and thats why I offer it. . . it works, guaranteed! This process does not mask the odors.  It kills the bacteria and molds, as well as breaks down the particles that cause fowl air.  It's like a complete 'reset' for you cars interior.  There is no better or more effective method out there. . . and that's why I've put the Dr. Dent stamp of approval on it. . .try it and you'll see!
Dr. Dent:  561-880-7123
Our treatment is so effective you'll be amazed at how well it works!  The beauty of it is, that we can treat your whole car interior and A/C during the evening, and you can pick it up the next morning completely clear.  It doesn't harm anything and basically sterilizes the inside of your car, and breaks down compounds, viruses, and bacteria that cause odors and disease, right at the source.  So if you're looking for a quick fix that lasts against viruses, bacteria, odors and especially dangerous Black Mold, then Dr. Dent has
"The Cure for Your Car". . . 
Call us to schedule your time at:
                                     561-880-7123 .

History of Black Mold

This is an excerpt from a site that knows about mold . . .


"Mold sickness is usually associated with the effect of Toxic Black Mold. This is a greenish black mold called Stachybotrys chartarum. . .  


This mold can cause severe, permanent illness in susceptible individuals. The effects of mold sickness cause a range of symptoms that can affect the whole body.


These effects can be flu-like in nature, affecting the respiratory system and aggravating conditions like asthma. In severe cases they can damage the lungs, brain, heart, liver and immune system. . . "


Odors in  your car? . . . 
This is the way to handle them. It's permanent and will last for a long time. Any mold or bacteria will have to start all over from the beginning once you finish the treatment. The treatment is reasonably priced and will do the trick without masking the problem.  Many companies produce things that mask the smells that might be there, but ours destroys them at the source.  Don't be shy to give us a try, we are more than confident that you will be happy with the result.
Call us now at the number above and be rid of those pesky smells, odors, etc. with no lingering residues or smell from the products we use.
Dr. Dent