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Paintless Dent Removal, Ding Removal, Bumper Dents 
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Serving:  West Palm Beach, Lantana, Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Boca Raton, Deerfield Beach, Pompano Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Wellington, Lighthouse Point, Highland Beach, Parkland, Lake Worth, Palm Beach Gardens,Ocean Ridge, Hypoluxo, Palm Beach and Broward
Paint-less Dent Removal (PDR) - Dents out fast, No painting! Dr.Dent (561) 880-7123 serving Palm Beach and Broward has
"The Cure for Your Car" . . . we repair metal panel dents & plastic bumper dents....we normally reverse dent damage without painting. So you can get your car back faster, with less expense. . . We are professional dent removal specialists renowned for our expertise, skill, and quality workmanship.  
Tel: 561-880-7123

Send 2 or 3 that show the damage, For a Free Price - Range Quote, to

Save Time, Avoid loss of vehicle hassles, and Save Money!  Avoid time without your car in the shop, and we all know how important that can be right?...and you can get your dent, or dents, scratches, bumper dents, and more fixed at all at once, at one Dr. Dent!
We can combine, if you so choose, Paint-less Dent Removal with  High Quality Detailing to give you the ultimate in car care. Come see us in Delray or call us for an estimate.  Are you thinking you might wanna get one or two more years out of that car?...Well, for the price of one or two payments we can restore your car to near new condition, and sometimes even better than new!  We do little things that make your car look "Smokin'  ". . . and, you'll get more for your car when it comes time to sell. . . We have   " The Cure for Your Car". It's more like a 'Restoration' in some cases.  Call us to learn more . . .
Tel: 561-880-7123
Dr. Dent has become a huge success thanks to your continued support.  We've kept our Dent Removal and service info straight and to the point, and that means you get the right answers to make informed decisions, and we get clear on what's needed from you, our happy clients...
It's tough to explain the process but we do our best for you, and that seems to work in the end...  So, the questions are... do you want the straight answers?..Do you want your car back faster?...Do you want a better deal than the shops who might want to hold onto your car for days or even weeks?...Then give us a call.
We'll take good care of you...because at Dr. Dent, we really want you to come back again and again. Also, we ask for your patience.  Since folks really like us, we're receiving a great deal of calls, and at times, the messages you leave us can be unclear or garbled, so please repeat your phone number in your message, and feel free to call us again if you think that that might have happened. Often times with todays phone services we are finding calls going straight to message, and then sometimes not delivered till the next day.  If in doubt, we ask that you try texting us with your name & number and brief note so that we may call you back.  Thank you in advance. . .We want your business, and we know you'll come back once you've tried us. We do paintless dent removal on every make and model of car or truck on the market...Mini to Mazerati...we do it all . . .
And we'd like to extend our Sincere Thanks to you all for all your ongoing support...and patronage!
Important Note: On Metal panels (Not incl. Bumpers),
Large dents are those larger than a Quarter in diameter, and Deep dents are those deeper than one to two stacked nickels (approx. 1/8" deep or more).  Please note that some dents have lower perfection/success rates than others. The level of success will depend on the size, location, access & severity              (ie: sharpness or depth) of the dent.
Dr. Dent will do the very best possible in any event, but these factors must be taken into account by the client for a better understanding, and for their benefit.
We Restore headlight lenses from yellow to clear!


Got a headlight issue?? Often this can be repaired.  The lense can be renewed through a process that normally brings it back to new..however simple polishing will only prolong the problem and return within 6 months. We do it the right way.

Yes it's more expensive, and also takes a little longer, but it lasts. . .That's what we're all about at Dr. Dent. . .

Leased vehicles _You can save big money by doing the dents and detailing and touch ups first, before the dealer gets hold of you and estimates the value of your damage and then gives you the bill.  Note: some dealerships now have a "Zero Tolerance" system in place which means that you will pay for every last thing
Any vehicle can be brought back to life to attain a higher resale value, or lower "return bill" from the dealer.  It can save you a ton of money if you call us first. If you've ever returned a leased vehicle to a dealer and had no intentions of leasing another, then you know what I'm talking about....We know what you can normally get by with in an inspection...
Some dealers can be very aggressive, and caution is a good idea. . .
We're Fast, we're effective...we save you time...and we save you money.
Dr. Dent has what you want because we've got...
         "The Cure for Your Car"   
Call us for help at: 561-880-7123
Dents and Dings...
"Are you fed up with people putting dents in the side of your car by carelessly opening their car doors or banging into your car with their shopping carts. . .?" 
Does it seem that even though you've done your best to avoid them, folks somehow park next to you way out at the back of the lot, and then dent your precious car?...Would you prefer to avoid long "time outs" without your vehicle during it's repair?...Then why not give us a call and see why so many others choose Dr. Dent to solve their problems? 
You're sure to save time, and sure to get your car back faster, and sure to save money, ...So give yourself a break and end the cycle of shock and disappointment every time you look at your car?...It will need fixing at some point, wouldn't you agree?...Let us help you simplify the process by calling us at     Dr. Dent at: 561-880-7123.  Our top quality workmanship will often make you smile...

Let Dr. Dent work some of our magic on your car to help make the damage disappear.  We bring its beauty back and protect your shiny investment...Body shops charge so much more, and keep your car for so much longer....

Dr. Dent saves you lots of money, and gives you your car back quickly.  The choice is's Dr. Dent. 


We can ease the pain and expense...We have 30 years of body work experience on top of our paintless dent experience AND we've been trained by the finest in the industry!  Our detailing is also of the highest caliber and should not be compared with a "car wash" and/or a "quick vacuum"...We are far better, but still reasonable for the intense amount of effort we put into your car.  We actually clean your car first.  As you can see here, this porsche owner let us show him what we could do, and we removed many dents, cleaned, polished and protected the paint, and we actually got him the right to stay in the  Porsche Club!...  So we think that says it all...Detailing is by appointment only, thank you. 

Call us at: 561 - 880 - 7123 
What is Paintless Dent Removal and Ding Removal really?...
Dr. Dent offers Paint-less Dent Removal, a specialized skill, or "art" to take dents and dings out of your car or truck right at your home or business if necessary. No painting is performed or required with this technique. We are highly skilled at returning the metal back to it's original form by working the metal from the inside.  This requires painstaking accuracy and a great deal of talent, skill, and often times much strength.  You will want someone who has the "know how", "skill", and "ability' well as, the many years of experience that Dr. Dent has had to understand and become "one" with the metal so to speak...and get the results that you need.
Dr. Dent saves you time (avoid days in the body shop)...Dr. Dent can eliminate the hassle (no rental car needed normally), and...more importantly Dr. Dent saves you money (huge savings off bodyshop prices), with this special service.  Dent removal and Ding removal as well as small hand touch-ups, scratch removal, detailing, headlight lens clearing, and other services are available upon request. Just ask... 
Dr. Dent has been trained by the finest in the industry.  We can remove dents from Mercedes, BMW, Hummer, Bentley, Jaguar, Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, Mitsubishi, GM, Chrysler, Ford and so on.
You can expect the quality that makes all the difference from Dr. Dent.
If it can be done, Dr. Dent of Palm Beach and Broward FL can do it for you.  Our work speaks for itself...
If your car looks like
this one however...I might not be
able to help you...  : )
          "The Cure for Your Car"
                                                                Call Us at:(561) 880-7123
Serving West Palm Beach, Lantana, Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Boca Raton, Deerfield Beach, Pompano Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Wellington, Lighthouse Point, Highland Beach, Coral Springs, Lake Worth, Palm Beach Gardens, Ocean Ridge, Hypoluxo,
Palm Beach and Broward 
Your car, like most others, probably needs some attention.  An Ugly dent for example, brings the focus of your nice car...straight to the damage.  As you know...
This can drastically reduce the aesthetic and monetary value of your car.  People that maintain their car well and keep them clean and dent free are making a statement about themselves to others. A dent free, clean car, is a sign of integrity, organisation, pride, and personal stature.  Make a statement of your own by calling us, and you'll see how good  your car can make  you look  to others as it beams out it's message of respect. 
Dr. Dent has "The Cure for Your Car" for less than the body shops.  Reckless drivers of a cart like this on the left, are culprits for many a door ding and can damage your nice colors on parade... 
Dr. Dent can correct these problems quickly
at a much lower cost than the body shops.  We'll also save you a great deal of time as well.  In addition to all this good news, Dr. Dent has the added bonus of two main services.  Just ask if there's something else you need...we might be able to do it.
We have paint restoration procedures to restore the shine, we have help for those scratches, and we have detailing with top quality waxing. 
Let us take care of your Dent & Detailing needs.  Why not give us a try...Paint-Less Dent Removal (ie: dents out without re-painting), Detailing of your car at your home, & much more...
See why we've got...  "The Cure for Your Car"...
More Services offered, friendly & knowledgeable, time savings, and all that at a great price... 
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Call Us at:                    (561)  880 - 7123
"The Cure for Your Car"
Serving West Palm Beach, Lantana, Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Boca Raton, Deerfield Beach, Pompano Beach,
 Fort Lauderdale, Wellington, Lighthouse Point, Highland Beach, Coral Springs, Lake Worth, Palm Beach Gardens,   Ocean Ridge, Hypoluxo, Palm Beach and
   Hail Damage Repair Specialists   
   (561) 880-7123   
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Hire a Professional:
Here is an example of someone who hired a guy who was un-trained in paintless dent repair.  As you can see, the end result on this fender is not particularly pleasing. 
We get calls from  folks who hire unknown dent guys or "dealer" dent guys...and the end result is usually something like this when it shouldn't be.  Unfortunately they did not call Dr. Dent and hence found themselves in an uncomfortable place.
At Dr. Dent, we tell you what you can expect, and if it serves you better to go to a body shop, then we are happy to tell you that. We want you to come back with your dents in the future, so you can trust our judgement if we think bodywork would be better for you.  Experience shows that a well informed client becomes a happy client, and a repeat customer.  So call Dr. Dent and see why we're so popular:
Call: (561)  880 - 7123
Our goal is for you to return.  We look out for your best interest, and so the next time you'll need us, you'll make no mistake about who will treat you right, it's Dr. Dent. . .and you'll call us right away...All simply because we took good care of you the first time around.  Don't make the mistake in the picture, and don't bother with those crazy dent removal tools from "info-mmercials"... spare yourself the aggravation and the loss, call a
Dr. Dent.                                               


Call: (561)  880 - 7123   

Dent Removal - & Private Auto Detailing
Look for this logo to get the best service and best deal around.
Dr. Dent can offer solutions for your automotive blemishes by removing dents and dings caused by shopping carts, car doors, baseballs, golf balls, rocks, sticks and branches, and just about anything that dents your great vehicle. 
Ask about our mobile Dent and Detail service.  Any car can benefit and enhance it's beauty and value greatly by a visit with Dr. Dent. Get the dents out without painting, and get it clean...Call Dr. Dent at 561-880-7123 
Does your car need to go back to the dealer from a lease?...Call Dr. Dent to get the dents out, and to clean and detail it beforehand, so the dealer won't "ding" you on your return...Cause you know he's gonna try!...
Our mobile services
Dr. Dent takes pride in all work and cares for your vehicle.  We've been making satisfied, happy customers for years now. We know how much better a good looking dent free clean car can make you feel...
Your image is expressed by your vehicle whether you like it or not...and people evaluate you by the car you drive...and by the dents they see...but if you're reading this info now, you're obviously a person who cares deeply about your car, and one who knows the benefit of a tidy, sharper image.  We understand that, and we want to make it easier for you to stay on the road and be as sharp as anyone can be.
We work hard to satisfy you and keep you coming back.  Our reputation as fast, reliable, punctual, cost-effective, and friendly, is the one you're looking for in an auto service..and
Dr. Dent delivers.  We've remained smaller and stream-lined, to keep our over-head low and pass the savings on to you. 

          We can be reached at:
  Pls Call: 561-880-7123
Serving West Palm Beach, Lantana, Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Boca Raton, Deerfield Beach, Pompano Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Wellington, Lighthouse Point, Highland Beach, Lake Worth, Palm Beach Gardens,   Ocean Ridge, Hypoluxo, Palm Beach and Broward 
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Dr. Dent
Tel: 561-880-7123
Serving West Palm Beach, Lantana, Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Boca Raton, Deerfield Beach, Pompano Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Wellington, Lighthouse Point, Highland Beach, Lake Worth, Palm Beach Gardens,   Ocean Ridge, Hypoluxo, Palm Beach and Broward